To place a call on hold during a call, press Hold button. This will be indicated on the graphic display by the hold icon as the line indicator.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Place a Call on Hold 1

Press Hold button again or the Resume soft key to resume the call. The active audio icon (either Handset small button, Headset small button or Speaker small button, Headset, or Speaker) appears as the line indicator. When a call has been on hold for an extended period of time, both visual and audible alerts appear.

When active on a call, the sound effects are played at a volume that is typically lower than the normal ringer volume.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Place a Call on Hold 2

Multiple Calls on Hold .

If multiple calls are on hold, use Up Arrow and Down Arrow to switch between the calls, then press the Resume soft key to retrieve the desired call.

If two or more calls are on hold, an indication appears on the graphic display, for example “3/4”, indicating that this is the third call out of four calls.

If calls are on hold on more than one Line Key, all calls are combined into a single call list. The Line Key that a call is associated with is indicated by the lineicon in reverse colors.

Pressing a Line Key with calls on hold will place the current active call on hold and resume the first call on that Line Key.