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Polycom SoundPoint 335 – Features

Polycom 335 SIP Phone Features

ID Name Description
1 Message Waiting Indicator This will alert you to incoming calls, new messages, and other events.
2 Do not disturb indicator.
2 Unregistered line.
2 VoiceMail/Messages.
2 Ringing.
2 Call Forward.
2 Presence/BLF
2 Registered line.
2 Registered shared line.
3 Softkeys The screen will display labels for these keys, to identify their context-sensitive functions.
4 Line Indicators Individual multi-color LEDs display the dynamic call state and remote user status (busy lamp field (BLF) and presence).

The mapping is:

  • Solid green – An active call is in progress.
  • Fast flashing green – There is an Incoming (ringing) call.
  • Flashing green – The call is held by the other party.
  • Flashing red – The call is on hold.
  • Solid red – The line is busy remotely (shared lines).
Activate up to two lines that can be assigned with your phone.
6 Holds an active call or resumes a held call.
7 Allows you to place and receive calls through an optionally connected headset.
8 Allows for hands-free communication during calls.
9 Hands-free Microphone Place your phone on a hard, flat surface for best results.
10 Use these to adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer.
10 Soft Keys The screen will display labels for these keys, to identify their context-sensitive functions.
11 Mutes audio transmission locally during calls.
12 Dial Pad These 12 keys provide the 10 digits, the 26 alphabetic characters, and special characters available in context-sensitive applications.
13 Access local (your phone) and global (your organization) features.
13 Dials phone numbers or allows you to view the placed call list.
14 Use the arrow keys to to scroll through the displayed information.
14 Use the select key to select a field of displayed information or enter edit mode for some settings.
14 Line/Speed Dial Key Use these keys to activate up to six lines or speed dials that can be assigned to your phone.
15 Speaker For ringer and hands-free audio output.
16 Hookswitch
17 Graphic Display Shows information about calls, messages, soft keys, time, date, and other relevant data.

Important messages appear on the idle display through an animated scrolling list, which has precedence over the idle display.

The following figures show a phone with four messages. The messages continuously scroll over the screen. Information display line (in order of precedence highest to lowest).