A list of up to four current calls is maintained. You can scroll through this list using Up Arrow and Down Arrow. Calls are ordered using the following priorities: active, alerting, then held. Calls with the same priorities are ordered oldest first. If there are no current calls, this list is empty.

Local lists of missed, received, and placed calls is maintained by the phone (up to 99 for each list). The initial view of both lists shows the list title and the first two calls in the list, where the first call is displayed in reverse video to indicate that it is currently selected. A symbol to indicate whether the call was answered Answered Call or missed Missed Call is shown for each entry in the incoming list.

Press the Callers soft key to view the Received Calls list.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Call History 1

Press Dial to view the Placed Calls list.

Polycom SoundPoint 335 - Call History 2

To return the call:

  • Press Dial to return the call.

To return to the previous menu:

  • Press Left Arrow.

To store the contact to the local contact directory:

  • Press Select Key to select the entry, then press the Save soft key.

Note – Press the Info soft key to see the call information. The name is displayed. Access the other information by using Up Arrow and Down Arrow.

To delete the call from list:

  • Press the Delete soft key.
  • Press Left Arrow repeatedly to return to the idle display.
  • Press Right Arrow from the idle display to access Placed Calls list.
  • Press Down Arrow from the idle display to access Received Calls list.

You can use these shortcuts while placing calls or performing transferring and conferencing functions. You can manually clear the call lists. They are automatically cleared when you restart the phone.