Set up your Summary Settings

The Summary Settings controls your notifications reminding you of spam messages that got trapped. Here, you can select how often and what type of notifications to receive.

metricSCRUB Summary Settings

For frequency you can select between Never, Every hour, Every two hours, Every four hours, Daily, Weekly or Bi-weekly.

You can specify what time of day you want the notifications to come in, many people like to have them delivered every day at around 8:30 am and make it a routine to go over it before their working day starts. If you select weekly or bi-weekly then you must also select what day of the week you want the notifications to be delivered.

By default, Central time is selected but you may choose a different time zone if you need to adjust the time, for example when you are traveling or live outside of the central time zone.

You can choose to include a list of All spam or only the messages that were stopped because they were “likely to be spam”. What the filtering system refers to as likely spam, are those messages that almost passed through the filter because their score was close to being considered a valid email.