View Quarantine in your Email Spam Filter

This selection will allow you to safely look at all your email that has been trapped by the filter for up to 30 days by double clicking on the email you wish to view.

If you want an email to be delivered to your inbox, you have to select it and click Deliver located on the menu bar above the list.

metricSCRUB Quarantine 1

If you would like to forward the spam message to another email address that is not your own you may do so by entering the email address in the Forward field and click on the envelope icon next to it.

metricSCRUB Quarantine 2

You can filter through your spam messages either by classification or search criteria. This is not case sensitive.

Some examples of using selected information are:

  • Received: Today.
  • Where: Sender.
  • Starts with.
  • Search criteria: supp.

This will give me emails from for today.

  • Received: Yesterday.
  • Where: Subject.
  • Matches.
  • Search criteria: hi.

This will give me all emails from yesterday with the word hi in the subject line.

metricSCRUB Quarantine 3