Email Spam Filter Dashboard

The dashboard is a new tool that will help you adjust your settings. It allows you to see where emails are coming from and how many are coming from each area(or location).

metricSCRUB Dashboard 1

By default you will see the counts for all email including spam messages and viruses. If you want to take a look at your spam messages only unselect genuine, policy, virus, and phishing by clicking once on each one in the menu bad below the graph. This image shows all of them selected.

metricSCRUB Dashboard 2

This second image shows only spam selected.

metricSCRUB Dashboard 3

The options in this tool bar are:

  • View: This allows you to select “Volume”, which is the count of the messages or “Bandwith”, which is the combined total of the size of the messages.
  • Within: You can select between 24 hours or 12 months.
  • Include: you get different options of what you want the reports to include.

metricSCRUB Dashboard 4