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metricPHONES – Admin Web Log In

The log in steps are the same as regular users. Nevertherless, once you’re logged in you’ll have more options.

In order to get to your Web Portal Interface open a web browser and go to

Enter your username and password. Your user name is your phone extension number followed by your company’s phone domain name, which can be different from your regular domain (ex: 111[at]

If you don’t know it please send an email to Make sure to include your name, extension, company and location you are contacting us from.

Your password is the same as your voicemail pin. Click the Login button.
When you log in click on Manage Organization to have access to the admin functions.

You will see a different set of options, this time the home icon will look like a business building.
This gives you access to the admin interface, only if you are the admin user for your company.

To manage your own account simply click on your name and select My Account from the drop down menu. Your name is located on the top right corner of the page.