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Programs Outlook Leaves Running

Outlook has a tendency to have multiple processes running, most of which are invisible to the user. If there is already a process running for Outlook, the next time you attempt to open Outlook, it will not display anything. It is running, you just cannot see it.

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Antivirus programs that support scanning email for viruses.

These types of programs will tend to keep Outlook open. Disable email scanning and Outlook should close correctly.

It’s perfectly safe to disable this setting – it gives you advanced warning of viruses but as long as you can control your urge to open every attachment you receive, you’ll be just as safe with it disabled. The antivirus programs that can affect Outlook include, but are not limited to, the following programs:

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The following is list of add-ins which are reported to keep Outlook running after it’s closed:

Some other possible causes: