Pronto is based on Adobe AIR. It is necessary to install Adobe AIR first for Pronto to work.

First access the Adobe AIR download instructions page. Follow the instructions to download the Adobe AIR file. Click the Download Now button.

Install Pronto 1

From the dialog that appears, click Save File. If the dialog offers you the option to Run the installer, you can choose to launch the installer automatically by selecting Run. If you do this you can skip the section titled Launch the installer for Adobe Air.

Install Pronto 2

Now the trick is to find that file we just downloaded and launch it. This will start the installation for Adobe Air!

  • If you are using FireFox, you can do this from the downloads window. Just press Ctrl+J to open the window, and double-click in the Adobe Air! installer at the top of the list.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you will be asked where you want to store the file. Open the directory you saved to, and double-click in the Adobe Air! Install icon.

If a dialog appears asking your permission to run the installer, this is normal, simply press the Continue button. When the Adobe AIR Setup dialog appears, click the I Agree button.

Install Pronto 3

When the installation is completed, click the Finish button.

Install Pronto 4

Then download and install Pronto Pro. From the dialog that appears, select Open With. Then click the OK button. When the download completes, the Pronto Pro installer will be opened automatically.

Note – this example is for Firefox browser. Each browser handles downloads differently. If your browser downloaded the installer – when download is completed find and launch the Pronto Pro installer.

Install Pronto 5

When you launch the Pronto Pro installer a dialog will appear. We recommend leaving the default settings and simply press Continue button.

Install Pronto 6

When you press Continue the Pronto Pro installation will begin and you will see this dialog. Once the installation is complete, Pronto Pro will open automatically.

Install Pronto 7

While the Pronto Pro program is loading you will see this dialog. After a few seconds you will see the actual Pronto Pro program.

Install Pronto 8

Once Pronto Pro begins you will see the main window where you can use all of Pronto Pro’s powerful features. With Pronto Pro you can use multiple chat clients, update Twitter, store videos / photos / music & make voice calls using the soft phone. Everything from the inbox.

Install Pronto 9