How To Create a New Mail Account In CGP

Note – This is only available is you have the Admin ID and password. It will allow you to log in and change, delete or create new email accounts.

After you are logged in to create a new email account under your domain select Objects tab. You are now going to see a Create Account button and right next to it a space to type in a name. To create a new email account type in the name that you want to select for it (do not type, click on Create Account.

The next thing that must be done with the account is create a password. As soon as an account gets created it will go to the settings tab, here you will see a Communigate Password. Delete the dots and type in your new password. Then click Update.

The password you have entered will be the one the user will have to enter using web mail, metricmail or when setting up their mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook.