Fastmetrics Knowledge Base

Change your Email Password

Your password must contain:

In addition, your password must contain at least one of the following symbols:

Your password must not be based on your email address. So if the account name is “account@domain”, you cannot use the password “%Account123” or “%Domain123”.

Log into the web interface for your email account by typing in the navigation bar of your browser. You will see this form in the web page that appears.

For Username enter your full email address. For Password enter your existing password. For Layout leave the default setting of LookOut. Click Sign In.

In the upper right hand corner of the LookOut email window, click on Settings. This control is circled in blue.

In the lower left corner of the Settings window, click on Password. This control is circled in blue.

Enter your current password, new password and repeat your new password. We recommend that you also provide an Alternate E-Mail address. If you should ever forget your password, this alternate address will be used to send you an email reminding you what your password is. Click on the Save button.

Confirm the change by clicking on the Yes button.

Your password has now been changed. Click on the OK button.

Click on the Close button in the bottom right corner of the Settings window. This control is circled in blue.