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Connecting a Fax machine to a HTTPS FAX ATA

https fax

In order to use the metricFAX line with a Fax machine, a Fax ATA is required. The ATA devices we provide are already configured with all the information needed, you just have to know how to plug it in. You will need a live internet connection, with an available jack and Ethernet cable. You will also need a regular telephone cable.

  • The power adapter has to go on the left rounded plug in.
  • The internet cable goes from the jack on the wall to the WAN port.
  • The telephone cable goes from your fax machine to the Phone 1 port.

WARNING *** Do not put a pin in the RST hole ***
If you do this the ATA device will have to be shipped back to Fastmetrics to be reconfigured at a cost.

https fax

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