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metricPHONES – Simultaneous Ring

How to set up Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous ring is for users with more than one phone that want them to ring at the same time. Click on the Answering Rules menu.

Click on the Add Rule button on the right.

Select a Time Frame or your new rule. If you have not created a Time Frame yet you can do so at how to set up Time Frames. Be sure to enable your Time Frame.

Check Simultaneous Ring. You can add which phones you want to ring individually or just select Ring all user’s phones to ring all phones attached to your extension. Too add more than one individual phone click on the green + button and a new field will open up. You can also add a phone number if you want your cell phone or home phone to ring when you get a call.

Click Save. You can test your changes by calling your own extension during your assigned Time Frame to see if the phones you have selected ring.