Dedicated High Speed Internet For San Jose Businesses

Hi San Jose, we're your local high speed Internet provider. We deliver dedicated business internet, hosted phone and managed services to the San Jose business community. We've been helping small, medium and large businesses since 1994.

These are the services we deliver to San Jose businesses;

Our San Jose fiber internet and business connectivity services include unlimited data, free IPs and new hardware. Free installs available. Start reaping the benefits of high speed, reliable internet with unlimited downloads. Get an overview by comparing our Internet services.

Our hosted voice lines are a flexible and cost saving solution to your current phone service provider. Free calls to the U.S and unlimited extensions. Large list of included features for busy professionals. Access our included cloud phone features with the selection of FREE desk phones we support, for a flat monthly fee starting from $15.

All services are monitored and backed by our local support team. If you call, they do a great job of helping and not keeping you on hold for hours. See some of our ISP reviews.

If you are a San Jose business looking to increase your output and improve your communications, get in touch.

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5 day setup @ on-net San Jose buildings

Within Fastmetrics fiberIVY buildings, we have existing fiber infrastructure. Every new tenant at these exclusive San Jose addresses, can get faster access to powerful fiber optic internet.

As fiber installation has been completed, we offer price reductions to new customers within these buildings. Get dedicated, high speed service to 500Mbps up and down, on a flat service fee. Free setup, hardware, IPs and unlimited data included.