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We are proud of the reviews our ISP has received. Reviews overall, have been very positive over the years. We often provide our customers with more than one solution, so many reviews below mention our Internet & Phone Deals. Our dedicated Internet services are commonly reviewed as well. Get an overview of these in our Internet comparison table.

See how Fastmetrics offers a better alternative for your Bay Area business ISP requirements here.

If local Bay Area services and technical support matter to you, our reviews highlight the great work our Technical Support Team provides. Without them, our business wouldn't move forward. Our customers enjoy a professional, responsive team who take pride in their customer service.

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Fastmetrics Service Reviews

5 out of 5 based on 35 ratings. 35 user reviews.

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  • I have been doing business with Fastmetrics for about five years and have been delighted by their service, quality of the products and the wonderful staff. I am always impressed by the personal service and deep technical knowledge relating to the communication connectivity systems that they offer. All this they offer at a very fair and reasonable cost for the excellent service they provide.

  • This review totally goes to Stefan and his team. It's been nothing less than pleasure working with him. He skilfully determines what the problem is and solves it with the a thoughtful and thorough plan. I always appreciate his follow-ups after implementing the solution to see if everything runs smoothly. He seems like he knows his craft. Great customer service from Stefan and his team

  • Stefan is great! He's very responsive when I send him emails and goes above and beyond for his clients. Our office has been with Fastmetrics for 5+ years and is very happy with our services. Stefan delivered and set up 6 new phones today and the process was very easy

  • Fastmetrics is awesome. We've used their VoIP phone service for our investment company going on 6+ years now. Our employees are located across the U.S. and the phone system works seamlessly. Rarely any problems but when we do, their customer service team is very responsive and always a pleasure to work with. Shout out to Allen, Ana and Stefan! When we moved to a new location Stefan brought out the new phones and made sure we were all setup. He definitely goes above and beyond, any time we have questions and conscientiously verifies everything is running smoothly. I would recommend Fastmetrics without hesitation

  • Fastmetrics are great. Their support is very responsive. They're providing the internet connection to our coffee shop. They're also managing our firewall and WiFi. We've worked with Andreas, John and Stefan. We're about to order VoIP phones as well.

  • Stefan and Fastmetrics customer support have been absolutely wonderful people to work with. They are always ready to help and will even come directly to you to get everything set up properly. I did not know how to work the system at all and Stefan made sure I had a good handle on things before leaving. He has been great to work with and has provided near constant support whenever I needed it

  • Fastmetrics provides our business with reliable, high speed fiber internet. The fiber is symmetric, so we can get more done and use cloud based services efficiently.In addition, Fastmetrics provides a feature-rich business phone system for 50 users, with excellent local support. Fastmetrics is always willing to answer our questions and is vital to our business operations. Highly recommended business ISP!

  • Fastmetrics is great. They're providing our voice (metricPHONES) for 83 phones, and Internet service at 100 Mbps. They've been incredible with the transition and were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were professional and helped get together a pricing that beat everyone else around. They provided phones when they were on contract, and were extremely flexible with the setup when we needed to make changes. They also helped out greatly with the port and stayed on top of things to meet our deadlines.

  • Blazing fast business internet speeds (upload and download) and great support. Everything one could want from an ISP. I'm very happy with my business internet and my phones. Thanks for everything Fastmetrics!

  • Great service. Good support. Absolutely FANTASTIC quality on their cloud pbx phone service which I can use internationally. The quality is better than any other phone line I have been in decades.

  • I called for internet service for my business and David took the time to explain me the whole scenario and how stuff works. Theirs wasn't the solution I was looking for but even after knowing that, he still answered all my questions and didn't hang up with me or made me feel unimportant. I really appreciate the customer service that I was provided. Thank you David.

  • Beyond saving us $6000 a year in VoIP and internet access costs, since 2010 Fastmetrics has provided faster, more reliable internet service and more phone features. Plus superb sound quality. But our hats come off to them in our recent move from San Francisco to Oakland. Keeping our phone numbers, we left San Francisco on a Friday and were up and running in Oakland on Monday. Not a single problem!! THANK YOU FASTMETRICS!

  • We built a partnership with Fastmetrics and we are so glad that I met these wonderful people. They are super supportive and would go out of the way to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Fastmetrics introduced to us their extended team (low voltage folks) and everyone were very friendly, professional and did a great job. Thank you Fastmetrics for the great work and your continued support!!!

  • Garrison was great! I mean more than great! He did something that AT&T men couldn't do. Our phone system and internet were down for few days since we movd into new office. AT&T men (Three men! Not at once, but one at a time) came into our office severals time to reconnect the systems. We waitied for three days; they did not know what they are doing but left mess... I asked Fastmetrics for help. They made them working back in couple hours. It was amazed. as well, they kept calling us back to see if everything is rolling well. Great service, and Friendly. we highly recommend Fastmetrics!!

  • We've been using Fastmetrics at work for about 4 years. We needed a VoiP and Internet provider and we wanted Fiber instead of DSL so that we could get more bandwidth and better latency. The service is great, both the VoIP and Internet work really well (much better than our previous provider). They helped us get setup, select equipment, and helped through a seamless office move as well. Their support is also very responsive and proactive (vs reactive).

  • All I can say is Andreas is the man!

    We were working with another fiber ISP for 2 months and at the last minute they said it would take another 8 weeks to get Internet at our new office. The problem was we were already set to move in the next week and planned the entire move around their original 8 week estimate. So we call Andreas at Fastmetrics and he was able to set us up for 3 T1 lines that week before we moved in and is now getting us the fiber we actually wanted. Fastmetrics treated some random people on the phone like friends getting a hook up... Service doesn't get any better than that.

    They were also cheaper than our original vendor :)

  • Great customer service I called for residential was informed its only for business, but was asked to email & they would get back to me with the best providers for my area. His name was David absolutely courteous & helpful. Giving 5 stars just on his customer service skills alone.

  • My Non-Profit has been a customer of Fastmetrics for over ten years. We have always been very satisfied with the service and the speed of our Internet connection. The technicians are helpful and polite and really know what they are doing. You can not miss with Fastmetrics!

  • My company has been a Fastmetrics business internet customer for metricFIBER and hosted VoIP since 2007 and always very satisfied. The Fastmetrics engineering and support team are reliable, easy to work with and always ready to discuss creative solutions. I have worked with a range of different vendors/partners over the last 15 years, and I can easily say that Fastmetrics is on the top of my list of business partners to work with. Andreas and his team are excellent.

  • Very fast up/down link for the service we paid. Customer support is very responsive and helpful too.

  • This is only a customer service review, as I was unable to utilize the ISP services of this company (which I would bet are awesome!). Cody Miller and I exchanged email's and he did his utmost to assist me in my search for an ISP that I could enlist. Be polite and thankful to these guys, they deserve it according to my experience.

  • metricFIBER - great service, great price, extremely reliable.

  • If you are looking to work with an Internet Service Provider who actually understands that SERVICE is part of their product, then Fastmetrics is the place to go. CEO Andreas Glocker and his team of dedicated staff provide their business customers with first rate products and support.

  • Recently we needed to upgrade beyond a T1. My business is too remote to get any cable connections and I thought I would be stuck with T1 speed forever, trying to support over 300 users. Andreas was able get us a new fiber optics line. Everyone else I spoke to said it couldn't be done. In addition they saved us some money on our phone service, by installing a PRI gateway to their SIP switch.

  • I switched to Fastmetrics from Comcast and was very glad that I did. Fastmetrics really knows their business broadband. They oversaw our install professionally and readily answered all of my questions. My business now has high speed connectivity (100Mbps up & down) with their fiber service. This adds remote access to local servers in our office. Secure offsite backup was INCLUDED, direct to the Fastmetrics data center.

  • Everyone else told us no. No, we can't bring fiber into your building. No, we can't repair the collapsed wiring tunnel in your building. No, we can't provide reliable wireless service. Andreas from Fastmetrics was the the first to say YES. He followed through and provided my business with great internet service and support. After 6 months of terrible internet from other providers in our office, Fastmetrics came in, managed the installation, responded quickly to my questions, and regularly checked in to make sure we were doing well. Uptime has been nearly perfect for over a year now.

  • We have been a customer of Fastmetrics for years. I highly recommend Fastmetrics metricFIBER and hosted phone service. Based on price/performance, uptime, ease of implementation and Fastmetrics support and partnership.

  • Fastmetrics provides Wessling Creative with a T1 and a great VoIP telephone system. Andreas and his team have always given us a great deal and personal service.

  • Our firm is solely engaged in the maintenance and support of business computer, network, and telecom related services. Having worked with just about every ISP serving the Bay Area, we have consistently recommended Fastmetrics as the ISP of choice. And our reasons are simple. Prices are reasonable, service and support is abundant, consistent and local, and the product (bandwidth) is exactly as specified, whether aDSL, Bonded-DSL, T1, or heftier options.

  • We love our metricFIBER connection and we highly recommend it.

  • I have never had better call quality, more uptime, more call control, more reporting capability or better productivity from the call center my business runs. Their Support Department is 5 stars as well. Always there, rapid response for any issue - and especially great training.

  • My firm, Kastner Kim LLP, has been using Fastmetrics for the firm's IT and email services for over 6 years. They have the best pricing and have all the things I need, its a one stop shop. But what really stands out is the tech support I get from Fastmetrics. They are quick to respond to all my questions and needs, what more can you ask for. Keep up the good work!

  • Fastmetrics provides Town and Country Resources with reliable and the most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available and they ended up, besting their competitors cost of both legacy copper wire based services and fiber based services by a factor of between 2 and 5!

  • Fastmetrics stands out the most in my mind because of their technical support and the in-house skill sets they provide. Dealing with a challenging VoIP solution for a fast growing startup with mission-critical communications needs, Fastmetrics was invaluable being creative and flexible in how to deal with the serious problems we were faced with due to our rapid growth. I knew that if I needed to have something solved with our voice traffic, I could get in touch with their team directly and be able to build a solution quickly. I don't think it is easy to find services like these... I recommend Andreas and his team for sure!

  • These guys are the stars. Without exception, we rely on Fastmetrics to cover all the broadband, email, web hosting, etc... needs for all of our clients. Tech support, always available. Problems, few if any. A singular business-oriented willingness to just get the job done! Never hesitated to use them for any and all broadband needs.

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Dedicated Business Services

Fiber Internet Service

  • ○ Managed fiber connectivity
  • ○ Unlimited bandwidth
  • ○ Fiber to 10 Gbps symmetric
  • ○ Free install & setup

EoC Service

  • ○ Faster install time
  • ○ Upgrade that legacy T1 line
  • ○ EoC speeds to 30 x 30 Mbps
  • ○ Free hardware & monitoring

Dedicated Ethernet

  • ○ Point to point connectivity
  • ○ Scale your network, faster
  • ○ Direct cloud connections
  • ○ Local SF network support


  • ○ Free calls & texts
  • ○ Free phones & apps
  • ○ Add tools, apps & CRMs
  • ○ Flat service fee - ALL features