A Faster Copper Alternative to T1s

metricCOPPER is our ethernet over copper service. It's a high speed solution to bonded T1s or other ISPs who neglect upload speeds. We deliver managed, reliable, symmetric speeds at your business. Get connected sooner, with a fast install from our local team.

Another advantage is value for money. Bonding T1 lines for adequate workforce internet connectivity is costly. metricCOPPER provides more megabits for your money.

metricCOPPER service is symmetric. Your business gets simultaneous upload and download speeds. metricCOPPER is much faster than DSL or T1s, but looks slow compared to our fiber Internet. (metricCOPPER has a price point in between).

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What metricCOPPER speeds are available?

100 x 100Mbps 0

5 x 5Mbps

100 x 100Mbps 0

8 x 8Mbps

100 x 100Mbps 0

10 x 10Mbps

100 x 100Mbps 0

20 x 20Mbps

100 x 100Mbps 0

30 x 30Mbps

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What does our metricCOPPER solution include?

  • Free install and setup
  • Free hardware
  • Unlimited data (no data caps)
  • IP addresses
  • 24 x 7 monitoring & local support
  • Managed firewall

Our ethernet service includes a network availability objective of 99.95%. We stand behind our metricCOPPER offering by providing billing credits for ANY detectable service unavailability. More details can be seen in our Service Level Agreement.

When you decide to choose business Internet service from Fastmetrics, you are not just choosing an ISP. Many of our Bay Area business customers consider us an extension of their IT department. This enables them to focus on growth and streamline their network services.

Dedicated Business Services

Fiber Internet Service

  • ○ Managed fiber connectivity
  • ○ Unlimited bandwidth
  • ○ Fiber to 10 Gbps symmetric
  • ○ Free install & setup

WiFi Service

  • ○ Managed business WiFi
  • ○ Certified wireless admins
  • ○ Real-time network monitoring
  • ○ Ubiquiti access points

Dedicated Ethernet

  • ○ Point to point connectivity
  • ○ Scale your network, faster
  • ○ Direct cloud connections
  • ○ Local SF network support


  • ○ Free calls & texts
  • ○ Free phones & apps
  • ○ Add tools, apps & CRMs
  • ○ Flat service fee - ALL features