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Residential Internet Market Bay Area & Northern California

Without doubt, there is a huge market for residential Internet service in the Northern California area. Millions of Bay Area and Silicon Valley residents are buying up to meet greater bandwidth demands. Daily, thousands of people lock in residential Internet plans to watch YouTube, stream Netflix, procrastinate on Facebook, send emails and much more.

Fastmetrics saves us $6,000 a year in VoIP and Internet access costs. They provide more features and faster, more reliable service.

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Why We Are A Dedicated Business ISP

We love what we do, and that is fiber Internet, broadband, business phone systems and managed services for businesses. We don't do residential.

Our focus is 100% on services for businesses. Only at commercial building locations, throughout the entire Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Since 1994, we remain the only ISP in the Bay Area dedicated 100% only to business. Fastmetrics founder and CEO, Andreas Glocker, started the business ISP Sirius Connections, which was acquired by FirstWorld Corp in 1998. Andreas bought ISP Networks in 2002, re-branding it as Fastmetrics.

Our passion is to provide the most reliable, high speed Internet service, phone systems and managed service solutions to small, medium and large businesses.

We thrive on supplying the means to assist startups, through to global companies - achieve and deliver. What has been accomplished with the web is monumental. We help businesses access the web (and the cloud) faster and more securely.

Where would businesses be without quality Internet and phone services? High speed communication creates possibilities. We assist businesses achieve these possibilities.

Fastmetrics provides reliable, fast and unlimited services. Backed by outstanding local San Francisco support. Our free installation and phone offers distinguish us from other ISPs.

Our existing customers are testimony to the fact that we deliver. Read customer reviews here.

A Sample Of Our Business Customers

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Evolve Discovery
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