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Without doubt, there is a huge market for residential Internet service in the Northern California area. Millions of Bay Area and Silicon Valley residents are buying up to meet greater bandwidth demands. Daily, thousands of people lock in residential Internet plans to watch YouTube, stream Netflix, procrastinate on Facebook, send emails and much more.

Fastmetrics saves us $6,000 a year in VoIP and Internet access costs. They provide more features and faster, more reliable service.

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Why We're Dedicated To Your Business

We love what we do, and that is fiber Internet, business broadband and cloud based phones. We don't do residential. Our focus is 100% on services for businesses.

Since 1994, we remain the only ISP in the Bay Area dedicated to business. Fastmetrics CEO and founder, Andreas Glocker, started Sirius Connections, which was acquired by FirstWorld Corp in 1998. Andreas acquired ISP Networks in 2002, re-branding it as Fastmetrics.

Our passion is to provide the best Internet, voice and data center solutions to small, medium and large businesses. We enjoy supplying the means to assist the smallest start ups, through to global tech. giants - achieve and deliver. What has been achieved with the WWW is monumental. We help businesses access the web (and the cloud) fast and securely.

Where would Bay Area companies be without quality Internet service? There's no doubt high speed communication creates possibilities. We assist companies create these possibilities by providing reliable service, unlimited bandwidth and outstanding local Support. Our free installs also distinguish us from other ISPs in the Bay Area.

Our existing customers are testimony to the fact that we're good at providing these services. We are pleased to showcase these customer reviews, here.

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A sample of our small, medium and large customers. Click a link to learn about the services they rely on Fastmetrics to deliver.