Why Choose Fastmetrics - A Dedicated Business ISP

We love what we do! We are a business only ISP and IT partner. To Bay Area businesses of all sizes, we deliver and support;

Our history of managing Bay Area business internet services, dates back to 1994. Since founding Fastmetrics in 2002, Andreas and our local team continue to expand. Our dedicated business connectivity, voice and managed services apply expertise, care and accessible support for all customers. Our focus is 100% on servicing businesses, nonprofits and schools. Located throughout the Bay Area, San Jose, Sacramento and more recently Los Angeles.

We are determined to provide the most reliable and highest speed internet service to meet the needs of any organization, from startups to large corporations. With our network partnerships, we deliver business critical services, to virtually any commercial location. With low to ZERO upfront investment. No upfront investment and low or ZERO installation fees, is an area other ISPs (especially bigger nationwide ISPs), fail. Our free project managed installations and free phones distinguish us from competitors. We can actually help your business save money!

As a ‘one-stop’ provider Fastmetrics is able to deliver complete internet, phone and managed service solutions. All our business internet services provide unlimited access that is both faster and more secure than many competitor ISPs. Additionally, Fastmetrics services are fully backed by our dedicated local San Francisco support team and 24/7 network monitoring.

Our customers recommend our business services and local support. Some reviews;

Fastmetrics provides our business with reliable, high speed fiber internet. metricFIBER is symmetric, so we get more done and use cloud based services efficiently. In addition, Fastmetrics provides a feature-rich business phone system for 50 users, with excellent local support. Always willing to answer our questions. Vital to our business operations. Highly recommended business ISP!

Kurt Harvey, IT Director - Beeline Group, Hayward

Beyond saving us $6000 a year in VoIP and internet access costs, since 2010 Fastmetrics has provided faster, more reliable internet service and more phone features. Plus superb sound quality. But our hats come off to them in our recent move from San Francisco to Oakland. Keeping our phone numbers, we left San Francisco on a Friday and were up and running in Oakland on Monday. Not a single problem!! THANK YOU FASTMETRICS!

Lark Hilliard, President & CFO - Hilliard Architects, Oakland

We have been a customer of Fastmetrics for 6 years. I highly recommend Fastmetrics' 100mbps metricFiber, email, Colo hosting and hosted phone service based on price/performance, uptime, ease of implementation and Fastmetrics support and partnership.

Brian Altman, CTO - PsPrint, Oakland

Fiber - 100mbps, 3msec - great service, great price, extremely reliable.

Peter Eichelberger, IT Director - Havas Worldwide, San Francisco

Everyone else told us no. No, we can't bring fiber into your building. No, we can't repair the collapsed wiring tunnel in your building. No, we can't provide reliable wireless service. Andreas from Fastmetrics was the the first to say YES. He followed through and provided my business with great internet service and support. After 6 months of terrible internet from other providers in our office, Fastmetrics came in, managed the installation, responded quickly to my questions, and regularly checked in to make sure we were doing well. Uptime has been nearly perfect for over a year now.

Jim B, CTO - Twiki.org, San Jose

Fastmetrics provides Town + Country Resources with reliable and the most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available.

Stanley Hutchinson, Senior IT Director - Town + Country Resources, Palo Alto

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13+ Reasons Why Fastmetrics Is Better For Your Business

  1. Fast quotes with highly competitive rates and ‘price matching’ available.
  2. Highest reliability for metricFIBER service @ 99.994% uptime. Backed by an SLA.
  3. Low to no installation cost. Hardware & loop fees included.
  4. Local Bay Area peering and lots of IP transit.
  5. In the Bay Area we provide better latency than AT&T & Comcast (your traffic does not detour to some giant data center).
  6. Live local San Francisco support team. Onsite visits from our engineers.
  7. Project management through install to service delivery.
  8. Complete solutions (Internet connectivity, cloud hosted phone systems, managed services, network performance) for ‘one-stop’ service.
  9. Managed voice services for QoS which never travel over the public Internet.
  10. Expertly managed routers, LANs, WiFi networks and switches.
  11. Free phones with unlimited local calling & long distance.
  12. Wholesale international calling rates, with ALL subscriptions to cloud based phone service.
  13. NEW: directly connect to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud services at a speed of your choice.

We could go on...but you get the picture.

Find out more about Fastmetrics services at your Bay Area business, contact us today!

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