Flexible PBX Features From The Cloud

Our cloud PBX features make business phone service more efficient. Watch how easy it is for Staff to set up Out Of Office for inbound calls, from their desktops or on their mobile device via our cloud phone app for iPhone.

Any time you are out of office, you can simply redirect calls to your voicemail, smartphone or any other number. Full transcript of the video below.

Full video transcript: Hey guys, this is Matt at Fastmetrics. Going to show you how to use the metricPHONE web interface to set up a couple of out of office answering rules that may be helpful to you.

We'll set up one for working from home and one to ring your cell phone when you're out of the office. So, the first thing we're going to do is set up two time frames. So, just click on time frames. Click add time frame.

We want these rules to apply all the time, so we can toggle them from our default rule, which will probably ring our desk phone to our cell phone or, our home rule.

So, let's go ahead and create a rule for our house and leave it as always. Click save. And let's create one for our mobile phones. Label that mobile, leave it as always and click save.

So now we want to add some answering rules to apply these time frames to. So we click answering rules, we're going to click add rule, select our home time frame. Then we're going to click Simultaneous ring.

And we're going to enter an 11 digit phone number here, so your phone number leading with a 1. We don't want any punctuation in here, no parenthesis, no dashes, anything like that. We just want your numbers. And if you wanted to, you can add multiple numbers to this list by clicking this green plus icon. You can also get rid of them by pressing the red X.

So now we have a rule that's going to apply all the time, and it's going to simultaneously ring this number. So one thing to note here is we're not going to forward it always to that number. And the reason why we're not going to do that is for voice mail.

So if we forward a call to this number, if this is your home number and you have an answering machine set up or something like that, it's going to eventually reach your answering machine. So with the simultaneous ring, instead of having that happen, is it'll ring this number the same amount of time as it'll normally ring your desk phone and once that times out, if you can see in the background here we have it set at 25 seconds, it'll go to your work voice mail, or your extension voice mail, instead of your home voice mail. So that's why we're going to use simultaneous ring.

So just click save. So now we have our home rule. So we're just going to do that again for our mobile rule. Select mobile. Again, Simultaneous ring. You can un-check this. This just means that it's not going to ring your desk phone, so it'll keep it quieter in the office for you. Again, put the 11 digit phone number in there with no punctuation and click save.

So now we have 3 rules here. As you can see our default rule is going to ring extension 100 which is the phone number on my desk here. And we have these 2 rules which we can apply at any time we want to. So if I'm working from home, what I'll do is you see the default rule is active, I can go ahead and slide this up there, or slide the default rule below the home rule. Click save.

And now any call that comes into my extension is going to hit this home rule and go to this number. And so, the way that these are processed is from the top to the bottom. So when a call comes in, it's going to check this first rule on the very top, say hey, this applies all the time and execute this action.

So, if we want to, if we're going to go back in the office the next morning, we going to want to flip this back up to default, or drag this below default, click save. Now it's going to ring our desk phone again. Same thing for our mobile number here. If we want to be out of the office, we can just drag the mobile up there, click save and now it's going to ring our cell phone.

You can also change those on the front page here. Any answering rules that would apply to the current date and time will be available to you in this drop down. So the default rule if we select it, is going to ring our phone right here. Our mobile rule is going to ring this number, or our home rule will ring this number. So that's just a quicker way than having to drag it. And that's all there is to it.

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