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Cloud PBX Business Phone System

Cloud Business Phone Systems


Fastmetrics saves us $6,000 a year in VoIP and Internet access costs. They provide more features and faster, more reliable service.

Lark Hilliard
Founder & CFO


Feature-Rich & Cost Effective Business Phone Systems

Improve communications. Reduce costs. Only with a Fastmetrics cloud PBX business phone system. Our metricPHONES scale up features, without adding extra fees.

Unlimited free calls and conferencing. Dedicated local setup and support, for a flat monthly service fee.

New customer phone service offer;

  • 1 - 9 business phone lines: $25 per line, monthly.
  • 10 - 19 business phone lines: $20 per line, monthly. (Save 20%).
  • 20+ phone lines: $15 per line, monthly. (Save 40%).

Don't Monkey About With An Outdated, Costly Phone System!

Flat Service Fee: No setup, activation, line rental or support costs.

Mobility: Office calls & presence on your smartphone with our free cloud PBX App.

Features Included: 100+ business features to choose from.

Unlimited FREE Calls: Local and domestic phone calls in the USA. Cheap long distance.

Free Number Port: Seamless transfer of all phone numbers to our voice network.

No Expensive Hardware: Free Polycom or Yealink IP phones on a 3 year deal.

Fastmetrics Business Phone System Reviews

Beyond saving us Six Thousand Dollars a year in our VOIP and Internet Access costs, Fastmetrics has been providing faster, more features and more reliable service to us since 2010. And with superb sound quality. But our hats come off to them in our recent move from San Francisco to Oakland. Keeping our phone numbers, we left San Francisco on a Friday and were up and running in Oakland on Monday. Not a single problem!! THANK YOU FASTMETRICS! Fastmetrics Internet and Phone Service Reviewed by Lark Hilliard, CFO, - Hilliard Architects, Oakland on .
5/5 rating
I have never had better call quality, more uptime, more call control, more reporting capability or better productivity from the call center my business runs. Their Support Department is 5 stars as well. Always there, rapid response for any issue - and especially great training. Cloud Based PBX Phone Service Reviewed by Pete Jordan - Owner - Mercer Street Salon on .
5/5 rating

9 Benefits Of Cloud Business Phone Systems

There are more than 9 benefits of a cloud business phone system. We summarized the main benefits of cloud phone systems in the below infographic.

From cost efficiency to increased flexibility, to environmental advantages, cloud phone systems offer great advantages to modern businesses.

benefits of cloud business phone systems infographic

Is cloud phone service suitable for my business?

Cloud phones offer flexibility to businesses of all sizes. Service caters to startups to Fortune 500 companies with call center requirements or large sales departments.

  • $0 install costs
  • $0 maintenance fees
  • No physical space
  • Redundancy
  • Presence
  • Faster install
  • Flexibility
  • Energy saver
  • Reduced carbon footprint