Quick Fixes For WiFi Issues

When there are WiFi issues or internet service interruptions, we can’t do what we need. A reliable WiFi connection is a necessity at work and at home. Today, WiFi is almost as important as electricity itself!

WiFi is the easiest method to connect (preferable to plugging directly into a router). So when we don’t have it, we often don’t know what to do with ourselves. Without WiFi, it certainly makes it harder to finish that report at the office, play that online game at home, or chat online with friends or relatives. All these tasks require functioning WiFi.

business workers in an open plan office connecting via wifi to desktop computers

Some minor router issues or things which effect WiFi performance, can be fixed in person. We’ve got a few easy tips below. So don’t panic. We have you covered if you run into these common WiFi problems.

Here are some common, every day problems with WiFi, and simple solutions you can action yourself to fix them.

Some Spaces Have Slow Or No Internet Access At All

Your router sends signals in all directions from one central location. So if your router is in a far corner of your office or house, the opposite side of your space may not get the same coverage, due to distance from the router, or walls / glass interfering with the WiFi signal. That doesn’t do you any good. Just move your router to a more central location, or install more wireless access points. If you can put your router in the center of your coverage area, you will get better coverage throughout your business or house. Signal will not be wasted. Many people do not realize this.

high rise office buildings in day time

It’s very common in apartment or high rise buildings to have WiFi issues. It’s often caused by other tenants routers causing interference. This harms WiFi signal strength and therefore connectivity. There’s a fix for this as well. You can use free software like NetSpot. It will let you know all of the wireless networks around you. You can see what channel other tenants or offices are using. This then allows you to switch to use a less ‘crowded’ channel, (a channel with less interference), which can solve your WiFi issues. 

Your WiFi Connection Drops Randomly

When your WiFi connection suddenly or randomly drops, this can be very annoying. But is it really random? First, are there other devices in your office, building or house that are being turned on when this happens? Amazingly, older microwaves can cause WiFi interference. It could also be a next door neighbor’s router. So apply the tip above and try another channel. Lastly, reset your router. One of these options can fix your problem.

Generally Slow WiFi Speed

Let’s say that you have a powerful router. You know that the signal covers your office or house, but suddenly your internet speeds are much slower than usual. What gives? You moved the router and it still doesn’t improve. Now what? Try adjusting the router antennas. Or, resetting it and changing the channels as mentioned above.

woman with wifi issues holding out wifi signal card outdoors

If that still doesn’t solve your WiFi issue, you may need to use a WiFi extender. You can also try plugging your modem into your PC directly with an Ethernet cable. If you get the same results, it is likely your ISP that has an issue, so you should contact them. Your ISP can tell you what you need to do from there.

No Internet Connection When Connecting To Your Router

What to do when you can connect to your office or home WiFi router with your smartphone, but can’t connect from your laptop or desktop computer? A trick that can work is to unplug your modem, wait at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in. (What is called ‘power cycling’). Be patient and give your router time to fully restart. First, determine if your internet connection is running on your phone and try again on your other devices. 

These are just a few of the basics. While these tips won’t work 100% of the time, they will work in most instances. Sometimes it is just time to buy a new router or upgrade older equipment. When that happens, make sure that you do your homework and compare to get the best router for your situation.

Want better WiFi performance at your office or business? Contact Fastmetrics to speak to a network performance expert today.

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