Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist

In addition to being a Cisco Certified Specialist, Fastmetrics is also a Cisco Meraki Partner. This means the Fastmetrics network support team are qualified Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialists. We are certified to design, implement, run and support the Meraki suite of products.

What Is Cisco Meraki & What Can It Do?

Cisco Meraki provides cloud managed IT services and a suite of supporting hardware. Meraki services are controlled by a cloud based dashboard. Some of the IT solutions from Meraki include; SD-WAN, network security, WAN management, wireless connectivity (including support for high speed WiFi 6), smart cameras, IoT, switches and mobile device management. All can be controlled and monitored from the central cloud-based dashboard, which is a key feature of the Meraki suite.

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Network management via Meraki is efficient to setup, configure and create alerts both remotely and in office. So whether working with a hybrid, remote or in-person workforce, Meraki provides secure network control. It’s also easy to create alerts for new networks or expand existing ones.

Why use a Cisco Meraki Partner?

We’ve invested time in the training (and exams). We have real-world experience deploying and supporting Meraki solutions. We know the products and platform. We know how to get the best out of Meraki for your IT departments benefit. For business customers, we deploy the latest Meraki hardware to get your network setup up to speed, without the hours familiarization needed. Whether that be higher speed WiFi 6 access points, network security, SD-WAN or other, contact us via the form below, to find out how Fastmetrics can help your network adapt and grow efficiently, via our Cisco Meraki partnership;

Cisco Meraki Service Quotes

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Cisco Meraki Solution Guides

Below are some uses cases for the Meraki suite of products. It can be successfully deployed to cater to a variety of industries, including healthcare, government, retail and hospitality. Click on each image to open the PDF solutions guide for each relevant industry.

Higher education: Below is a use case solution guide for Meraki in higher education, such as schools and universities. As demands to modernize legacy IT infrastructure in the education sector grow, see how Cisco Meraki helps achieve this. Also, how the Meraki suite can deliver outcomes such as secure, flexible and blended learning environments.

Cisco Meraki Solution Guide For Higher Education

Cisco Meraki Higher Education Solutions Guide

Manufacturing: Below is another solution guide for Meraki use in the manufacturing industry. After COVID-19 disrupted global supply chains, Meraki offers operational savings for multi-site manufacturers and producers. It can help reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) via central cloud management, for multiple locations. Also cost IT cost savings via automated updates, patching and deployments.

Cisco Meraki Manufacturing Solutions Guide

Cisco Meraki Manufacturing Solutions Guide

Cisco Meraki “Experiences Start Here” Video:

Video transcript: Female Speaker 1: Cisco Meraki began with the pursuit of revolutionary new technology, 100 percent cloud-managed IT.
Female Speaker 2: Basically an entire network under a single pane of glass.
Female Speaker 1: After more than a decade in business, Meraki continues to innovate, delivering the simplest, most powerful solutions around.
Male Speaker 1: Helping our customers stay ahead of the curve as demands continue to grow.
Female Speaker 1: This means that wireless is expertly designed and engineered, optimized for the real world.
Male Speaker 2: Which means a better user experience and it’s easier to set up.
Female Speaker 1: Meraki’s best-in-class network security is updated automatically, giving you a powerful defense and peace of mind.
Male Speaker 3: So no matter the vulnerability, we’re always working to keep you covered.
Female Speaker 1: And ambitious goals don’t require cumbersome tools and a team of experts to achieve.
Female Speaker 3: So you can finally get rid of all of these.
Female Speaker 1: Now your networks can be configured in minutes, even for hundreds of sites around the world.
Male Speaker 4: Wait. Really?
Female Speaker 1: Yes, really. Plus you can manage your networks from anywhere.
Female Speaker 4: Seriously Dad?
Male Speaker 5: Yeah, I was just trying to finish something up.
Female Speaker 1: Today IT isn’t just racks and cables in a server room. It’s working with sales, marketing and the C-suite to solve business problems. It’s intelligent insights giving you an edge in decision-making. It’s giving you time back to focus on the work that really matters. It’s powerful technology for everyone. So get smart and work simple.