Fastmetrics Fiber Assisting San Jose Earthquakes

Fastmetrics is passionate about helping local Bay Area teams, businesses and enterprises improve network performance and service quality. Over the last four years and Major League Soccer seasons, we’ve proudly supported the San Jose Earthquakes franchise take care of business on and off the field, via our managed and dedicated fiber service.

See what the Quakes Chief Strategy Officer, Ian Anderson, had to say about the performance and benefits of Fastmetrics business fiber Internet in the below video;


Video transcript: The Earthquakes we’re a community based organization, a community driven organization. And our goal is to connect with folks from all corners of the Bay area. And a big part of the way that we do that is through our content, our creative content and so reliability of the backbone that allows us to produce and distribute that content is absolutely crucial, which is why Fastmetrics and having that reliability is so important to achieving what we need to achieve as a club.

There are really three reasons that we chose to partner with Fastmetrics. First, is upload speed which is critical for everything that we do in the cloud. Second is bandwidth, especially to support our creative services around voice and video and then finally is support, quality support and local support. Something that’s really important to us when you’re in a fast pace environment as we are.

And we’re servicing our fans and our sponsors on a seven day a week basis. We’re working with players within our team and outside of our team. So the name of the game for us is really reliability and that’s what that’s what we struggled with historically and it’s something that we’ve had in spades with fast metrics.

Yeah, I mean, look, the critical thing for the quakes is we want to partner with the best brands, the best technologies and the best companies in Silicon Valley. And our experience with Fastmetrics over the last four years has been fantastic.

They’ve provided that reliability that we need to run our business in a dynamic environment seven days a week. So we’re very happy with the partnership that we’ve had and we’re excited for what’s to come.

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