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Stunning San Francisco 4th Of July Fireworks Photos

6 Stunning San Francisco 4th Of July Fireworks Photos

With 4th celebrations fast approaching, see what you can expect this year in San Francisco. To get you excited for this special occasion, see below 6 stunning photos of 4th of July fireworks from years past.

This year 4th of July lands on a Saturday, so expect large crowds. Don’t let the crowds scare you away, it is still worth attending. San Francisco has one of the best displays of fireworks in the country. Around 9:30pm on the 4th, over 10,000 fireworks will be showcased over San Francisco Bay. Fireworks go out from two locations: Pier 39 & Municipal Pier.

Plan your day well and you will enjoy front row seats at the waterfront or jump on a cruise for a change. The show lasts around 30 minutes. We recommend getting in early and using public transport since a lot of the roads will be closed for this memorable 4th of July event.

Make sure you plan ahead to get to a great spot for San Francisco’s stunning 4th of July fireworks display. There are still some hidden viewing places. Here are 4 top spots to get a great view.

San Francisco is without doubt one of the best places for 4th of July. Check out 9 other great places in the U.S to celebrate;

More great photos of Independence Day fireworks exploding in the San Francisco skies, behind the Golden Gate.


Two more photos by local San Francisco photographer David Yu. These 4th of July fireworks photos above San Francisco are from 2013. See more of David’s work here;

We hope you enjoy your Independence Day celebration. Happy 4th to all!