At Fastmetrics, we love improving workplace productivity and efficiency. 2 ways to do this from your inbox are by speeding up Microsoft Outlook email and by managing your email time well. Yes – emails. We all get them, some more than others. What do you do with the endless barrage that greets your inbox 24-7? Too many emails can lead to the reduced performance of Microsoft Outlook. If you’re one of many businesses or users still using MS Outlook, one way of ensuring your account is not lagging, is to archive Microsoft Outlook email.

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Calendar & E-mail Pops Can Disrupt Focus On Important Work

Why Archive Outlook Email?

To maintain optimal performance in Microsoft Outlook 2010 (many businesses have not upgraded to Outlook 2013), it’s important to not let your email account grow and keep growing, beyond control. Some old emails that are months or even years old must be kept. Basically, the more emails you get, the larger your Outlook account gets. That means it also slows down.

Benefits of Auto Archiving Outlook Email

  1. Archiving allows you to store a compressed file of emails locally on your computer’s hard drive. (A back up is always recommended).
  2. Auto archiving removes emails from your email server which improves MS Outlook speed and performance. (Click on the link underlined for step by step instructions on how to archive Outlook 2010 email from the Fastmetrics online support portal).

Email Efficiency: Improve Your Entire Office’s Workplace Productivity

Spending too much time checking and / or replying to emails is certainly counter productive to your workplace productivity. Reading or sending email does not always make best use of your or your employees’ time. It’s often an unwelcome distraction from other priority jobs, daily tasks or projects. This post from 2012 by software and collaboration experts Atlassian, discovers the actual time people and teams spend on e-mail. On average, it takes 16 minutes for a person to completely refocus on a task after replying to an email.

If you’re struggling to pull yourself away from your inbox and the email reply trap, add up how much time you spend checking or replying to your emails throughout the day. Far more than you expected? There are a few ways to increase your workplace productivity, right now;


Do those Outlook email pop-ups instantly grab your attention from the task at hand? TURN THEM OFF for an instant productivity boost! This way you won’t be encouraged to click on the pop-up and go to your inbox and get distracted.


One in the morning, one before lunch, one block in the afternoon. Allocating dedicated time to check and answer emails ensures you are managing your time well, and not getting behind schedule from your other pressing deadlines. Unless it’s a ‘high priority’ or an emergency email, most of the time, it can wait.


With emails, comes spam. Spam is another fact of life unfortunately. Everybody gets it, but there is something you can do about it to ensure it’s not a) wasting your time and b) clogging up your inbox and reducing performance.

If you truly aren’t interested in that ‘men’s assistance’ or that ‘make money online fast’ offer, you can block these types of emails easily with most email spam and virus filtering software. Most spam filters are automatically set up to do so. If you are after some custom email protection, some can be manually tweaked. Customized email spam filters can be set from lenient to aggressive, if you find you are still getting emails you don’t want.

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