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Fastmetrics delivers business grade phone and internet services to the Berkeley area. Twenty years of dedicated business broadband, data center and phone services. More recently, high speed fiber internet for small, medium and large Berkeley companies.

Our foundation is built on providing top quality services and responsive, local customer support.

Examples of Berkeley businesses we serve

John McNeil Studio

John McNeil Studio

John McNeil Studio is a creative design studio, boasting a range of services and talents. These talents include production, motion, design, imagery, technology and more. An example of their creative work - they brought to life a data center rap battle for client, Juniper Networks. It can be seen here.

We proudly provide John McNeil with high speed fiber internet to their Head Office in Berkeley. Fastmetrics fiber ensures uninterrupted service.

everlaw logo


Everlaw is a Berkeley based cloud solution provider, specializing in e-discovery for the law and litigation space. It supports litigation via it's easy to use, powerful and intuitive platform, which is easily available and accessible, via anywhere with an internet connection.

Everlaw is another valued cloud solution customer, powered by Fastmetrics symmetric fiber internet.

We've been using Fastmetrics at work for about 4 years. We needed a VOIP and Internet provider and we wanted Fiber instead of DSL so that we could get more bandwidth and better latency. The service is great, both the VOIP and Internet work really well (much better than our previous provider). They helped us get setup, select equipment, and helped through a seamless office move as well. Their support is also very responsive and proactive (vs reactive). Fastmetrics VoIP & Fiber Internet Service Reviewed by Luther M, Berkeley on .
5/5 rating

The latest business ISP solutions

Internet services are evolving from copper based service as people upgrade to fiber optic based Internet. The benefits are certainly clear. In addition to fiber internet being more reliable than WiFi and copper connections, fiber also uploads and downloads media and files faster.

Business phone services have also improved. There are better options available than a phone cabinet hidden away in a back room, which only certain techs know how to maintain.

The emergence of the cloud has enabled more efficient and flexible telecommunications. Get free unlimited calls across America and cheaper long distance with a managed phone system over our private voice network. We offer our cloud PBX solution to Berkeley businesses, in addition to hosted business VoIP and SIP trunks.

Services available to Berkeley businesses

  • metric FIBER
  • gigabit FIBER
  • cloud PHONES
  • metric ETHERNET
  • bonded ADSL2+

Why should you consider Fastmetrics?

What makes us unique to other ISPs in the area? A few things make us an ISP of choice. We summarize those points well in this table which compares our Internet services. Additionally, we install our Internet service connections for free on a 3 year term. All connections receive free IP addresses and hardware. Our installation fees for 1 and 2 year terms are fair and competitive. Contact us to find out more.

Outstanding Local Tech. Support

All our internet connections, voice lines and business services are monitored 24 x 7 x 365. Services are supported by our local Technical Support Team, based in San Francisco.

Our Support Team do a great job guessed it - providing support. It seems weird to us that other ISPs either neglect this critical aspect of their business, or do a very poor job of it.

Fastmetrics understands you need reliable services and you don't want to be placed in a queue or speak to a recording when you want a solution. Speak directly to a tech if you need support. Our Support Team receive great feedback for their responsive work.

We would love to help your Berkeley business. Contact us via the quote form, or start a live chat. Or call us toll free; 1-800-724-7100. Our Sales Department is open during business hours, Monday to Friday.