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Cloud Phone Service Benefits

9 Cloud Phone Benefits For Business

There are more than 9 benefits of a cloud phone system, but we've done the leg work for you and presented the main advantages of cloud phones in this infographic.

From cost efficiency, to increased flexibility, to not having a Technician re-wire a chunky PBX cabinet for routine updates, cloud phone services offer a great deal.

What features are available with cloud phones?

Cloud phone service offers all the advanced phone features and unified communications performance you would expect of a modern day business phone system, for your mobile workforce or on site at your office.

With features such as the Fastmetrics Cloud Phone Mobile App, this allows employees to expand their business phone compatibility beyond the office or desk.

Is cloud phone service suitable for my business?

Cloud phones offer flexibility from 1 to hundreds of phone lines. Service caters to startups, small and medium sized businesses as well as large companies, with call center agents or sales departments.

For any discerning business customer, cloud PBX phone systems are worthy of a look. For more information about the advantages of using cloud phones at your business, check out these other 10 cloud phone service benefits in the Fastmetrics Business Blog.

Cloud phone service main benefits infographic

Cloud Phone System Advantages Infographic

1. $0 Install Costs

$0 is how much a cloud phone system costs to install. We can't say the same for a standard PBX.

2. $0 Maintenance Fees

No need to call out a technician for maintenance. If your PBX is managed in-house, your IT people can focus on other projects.

3. No Physical Space

No more PBX cabinets taking up space.

4. Redundancy

Multiple servers can be employed for cloud phones. No more relying on a single piece of equipment.

5. Presence

Easily set up and manage virtual offices across town, interstate or worldwide.

6. Faster Install

Much faster than a standard PBX, as no physical PBX equipment is needed.

7. Flexibility

Add new users with call control instantly. Use your existing phone hardware.

8. Energy Saver

Overall, cloud PBXs use less equipment = less energy and a lower power bill.

9. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Using less energy is good for the environment.