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Unlimited Fiber Internet

250 x 250Mbps High Speed Internet


The most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available

Stanley Hutchinson
IT Director

Town & Country Ressources

250Mbps High Speed Internet - No Limits

Our 250Mbps unlimited high speed Internet is exactly that - high speed and there are no limits on bandwidth.


  • Faster downloads and uploads for every employee.
  • Multimedia production and faster file transfers.
  • Video and conference streaming without delays.
  • The elimination of Internet lag.
  • Increased reliability. Uptime is guaranteed and backed by a SLA.

We provide a 'full throttle' Internet service for your entire workforce.

Your team has got better things to do than wait for downloads and data.
Switch to 250Mbps fiber. Boost your business output by calling 1-800-724-7100.

Fastmetrics Fiber Internet Benefits

  • High Speed Symmetric ConnectivityHigh Speed Symmetric Connectivity
  • Unlimited DataUnlimited Data
  • Free Install & SetupFree Install & Setup*
  • 24/7 Local & Priority Support24/7 Local & Priority Support
  • Scalable to 1GbpsScalable to 1Gbps
  • IP Address BlockIP Address Block**
  • Fiber Service Level AgreementFiber Service Level Agreement
  • Increase Productivity & Reduce LatencyIncrease Productivity & Reduce Latency
  • Fixed Monthly PricingFixed Monthly Pricing

Who uses 250Mbps Internet?

Need more speed?

  • If your business feels a need for more speed, we can provide Internet service up to 1000Mbps up and down. Our Internet transit is highly reliable and managed to support multiple gigabit connections.

Request a quote

  • Call: 1-800-724-7100 for a fast quote today.
  • Or, fill out the Request a Quote form just over that way, we will get back to you quickly.

* Free fiber internet install: Fiber construction shall not exceed contract value.
** Free IPs: Up to 5 free IP addresses provided.

Fastmetrics 250Mbps Fiber Internet Reviews

Fastmetrics provides Town and Country Resources with reliable and the most cost effective managed high speed fiber based network service connections available and they ended up, besting their competitors cost of both legacy copper wire based services and fiber based services by a factor of between 2 and 5! Fastmetrics 250Mbps Fiber Optic Internet Reviewed by Stanley H - IT Director - Town & Country Services on .
5/5 rating