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100Mbps Unlimited Internet Service

100 x 100Mbps Internet Service


We love our 100Mbps Fiber connection and we highly recommend it

Michael Zook

Citi Networking

100Mbps Unlimited Internet - Endless Potential

Today, it's crucial for your business to deliver timely results to your customers and clients.

Bring your business up to speed with unlimited 100Mbps Internet service over fiber.

Fastmetrics Fiber Internet Benefits

  • High Speed Symmetric ConnectivityHigh Speed Symmetric Connectivity
  • Unlimited DataUnlimited Data
  • Free Install & SetupFree Install & Setup*
  • 24/7 Local & Priority Support24/7 Local & Priority Support
  • Scalable to 1GbpsScalable to 1Gbps
  • IP Address BlockIP Address Block**
  • Fiber Service Level AgreementFiber Service Level Agreement
  • Increase Productivity & Reduce LatencyIncrease Productivity & Reduce Latency
  • Fixed Monthly PricingFixed Monthly Pricing

Our 100Mbps Internet service raises your business output. It eliminates Internet lag and costly wait times on downloads, for your entire office.

Increase workforce productivity. 100Mbps unlimited Internet ensures:

  • Faster apps, files, video and multi-media.
  • Faster networking.
  • No waiting for downloads.
  • No Internet lag.
  • No data caps.
  • No Internet downtime.
  • 100Mbps up & down delivered to your location.

Your team has got better things to do than wait for downloads and data.
Call: 1-800-724-7100 to switch to 100Mbps fiber and boost your business output.

Exactly as stated, unlimited Internet - no data caps. You won't be charged any extra fees for exceeding data limits, because there aren't any!

Order your connection and we take care of the rest. We deliver Internet access to your business location, install and set up your 100Mbps Internet service.

More benefits of 100Mbps Internet:

  • 99.995% uptime Service Level Agreement.
  • It's symmetric: 100Mbps upload and 100Mbps download.
  • Free install and hardware included.
  • Low latency for your data and voice traffic.
  • Upgrade to 250Mbps, or 1000Mbps. Our Internet transit is solid and expertly managed.
  • Our local Technical Support Team monitors your fiber connection 24 x 7. They are available directly via phone or e-mail, when needed.

Who uses our 100Mbps service?

How fast is 100Mbps?

Contact us about increasing output with unlimited 100Mbps fiber connectivity, today.

* Free fiber internet install: Fiber construction shall not exceed contract value.
** Free IPs: Up to 5 free IP addresses provided.

Fastmetrics 100Mbps Fiber Internet Reviews

5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Fiber - 100Mbps, 3msec - great service, great price, extremely reliable. Fastmetrics 100Mbps Fiber Internet Reviewed by Peter Eichelberger - IT Director - Havas Worldwide on .
5/5 rating
We love our 100mbps Fiber connection and we highly recommend it. Fastmetrics 100Mbps Fiber Internet Reviewed by Michael Z - CEO - Citi-Networking Group on .
5/5 rating