Say NO to slow with Fastmetrics Gigabit Fiber Internet

Say YES to fast, highly reliable Gigabit Fiber Internet (1000Mbps) service. High speed symmetric connectivity - 1 Gigabit per second upload and download speed.

Fiber internet delivered directly to your San Francisco Bay Area business. IPs and hardware included. Free setup and install available. Up time is backed by a Service Level Agreement.

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Fastmetrics Fiber Internet Benefits

faster cloud access

Faster Cloud

free install setup

Free Install
& Setup

ip address block

IP Address

fiber service level agreement

Fiber Service Level

high speed symmetric connectivity

High Speed Symmetric

unlimited data


increase productivity reduce latency

Increase Productivity
& Reduce Latency

fixed monthly pricing

Fixed Monthly

local priority support

24/7 Local &
Priority Support

scalable to 10gbps

Scalable to

Powerful Gigabit Fiber Internet Connectivity

Connect tellingly to the Internet. 1000Mbps (1 Gigabit per second), is the equivalent of 660 x T1s. That's the download speed. Add upload speed and you're receiving service the speed of 1100 x T1s combined. To achieve 1Gbps speeds via bonding T1s is just not cost effective.

Fiber internet wins over copper. It is more reliable and speeds up your network services. It's less patchy than WiFi - no more 'dead spots'. If you need to transfer data fast, fiber internet service provides the lowest latency. Streamline your business network services such as voice, hosting, cloud storage and more. Converge services over a single, reliable fiber internet connection.

* Free fiber internet install: Fiber construction shall not exceed contract value.
** Free IPs: Up to 5 free IP addresses provided.

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Get more done with Gigabit Fiber from Fastmetrics

Suited to large businesses that need high speed, reliable Internet service for 100 employees or more. 1Gbps fiber internet connectivity delivers high speed cloud access, faster downloads and delivery over our private network ensures service is not interrupted.

Fastmetrics Gigabit Fiber internet service provides consistent, high speed downloads and uploads to your workforce.

Step into the future and see what's possible with 1000Mbps - an internet service which downloads 3 to 4.5 GB files in approx. 25 seconds. That's 20 times faster than a 50Mbps connection. Up to 100 times faster than average broadband speeds in the United States.

Want the benefits of fiber, but don't need that much bandwidth? We offer 100 x 100Mbps and 250 x 250Mbps fiber connections. Starting from 5Mbps symmetric, Fastmetrics fiber internet can be scaled at any time, for growing businesses.

6 things you should know about our Gigabit Internet service

1. The fastest Internet available.

Not only the fastest Internet service, but also the most reliable Internet in the Bay Area. We provide a Service Level Agreement which guarantees uptime. The dominating difference between Gigabit fiber vs. cable vs. broadband speeds is highlighted in download times. Instantly stream or download songs, videos, TV shows, movies and more.

Quick comparison; 1Gbps downloads a 2 hour HD movie in approx. 25 seconds. This takes about 32 minutes with 20Mbps broadband. For businesses, 1Gbps fiber translates to a high speed Internet service which assists faster cloud access, VoIP phone systems, data center connectivity and more, for multiple employees.

2. Fiber optic delivery.

We deliver 1000Mbps symmetric over fiber. Fiber optic cable is the fastest technology available to send data and voice traffic. Fiber technology ensures the lowest latency. Packets are delivered faster and more efficiently than ever.

3. Free installation & hardware.

Completely free delivery and installation of fiber to qualified Bay Area locations. Cisco hardware is included and we manage your install from the fiber pull through to delivering our 1000 Mbps service.

4. No data caps.

No data caps on downloading or uploading. No fine print or extra charges for exceeding data usage.

5. Maximum value.

Not only fast and reliable, a Gigabit connection from Fastmetrics provides value for money. The cost of combining more than 1100 T1 lines is not only too costly, but is delivered over copper which is not as efficient or reliable.

6. Superior customer service.

We provide dedicated business Internet and phone services to the entire Bay Area, and have been since 1994. You can speak to our local Support Team directly. Not that you'll need to worry about downtime with our fiber!